Chicago Reggae Channel

Our mission is to support reggae music and positive vibration.


The Chicago Reggae Channel is a new internet streaming radio, broadcasted in stereo, live and available 24/7. The channel features close to CD-quality stream. Our online radio is the perfect place to present and feature local Reggae artists. This form of broadcasting is the way to the future.

We also organize music events and small video productions.

Thanks to our radio, local Reggae music fans will be able to easily find out about upcoming Reggae music events. They will know who and where will be performing. This service is free for Reggae Artists. We welcome All we need from the artists is the audio or video with information about the events. This information can be sent to us via the Internet. We will publish and promote the material you send to us before scheduled events. In addition to that, we welcome any music (mp3 >128kb) and jingles you would like to present on our station. Our goal is to present music performed by local Reggae bands and interviews with band members and artists.

The Chicago Reggae Channel is committed to highest standards of broadcasting and frequent updates about the Reggae events and music news. In addition to the online promotion of the local artists we will also provide traditional marketing and promotion in the City of Chicago and suburbs. All effort will be made to bring the highest number of fans to your events and performances.

The CRC  and its crew is planning also to reinforce local Reggae stage on many levels and through many various formats, so that, Reggae music from Chicago will be heard all over the World.

Currently we are working on broadcasting of our channel using various Internet technologies and services including smartphone market. This will help, in substantial way, to promote local Reggae bands and to make them known all over the World. At the same time, this will help with establishing of international contacts which may lead to contracts and performances at venues abroad.

Welcome reggae selectors who want to cooperate and play their sets and promote with CRC chicago reggae channel stream.

We ask artists, bands and selectors to feel free to contact us with questions regarding details of possible cooperation. We welcome audio and video materials now!


CRC Chicago Reggae Channel Crew